Thursday, 24 May 2012

The eBook is Now Free!

We are in the hard promotion phase of this project so we decided to take this action because we think it's important that people read the book. What ever happens after that will happen naturally. I believe that the Four Genders concept is about promoting harmony and happiness throughout all human activity.

The Very First Show

The first show, talk, lecture, exposure, or whatever it was, is done. Last Thursday I stood before an audience of 10 people and rattled away about the Four Genders. I had my PowerPoint slides to keep me company and Heather and Antoinette. When I was speaking I knew the bits that weren't so good. But I could also see in their faces when the little bits of truth sprinkled through the mists of prejudice. When it was over and people scrambled for their homes and beds I felt lost and lonely. Someone said they didn't believe a word. So we went home. I got a text that night. Someone stopped fighting and gave it all a chance. She was tired with all the conventional square-dancing of life and love. She told her boyfriend what she wanted. Simple and very few words. She was serious and wanted him to do this and this and that. He said what a relief to hear you say those words. So, my first talk was a resounding success.

Friday, 27 April 2012

What the book is all about

The Four Genders Handbook looks at personal relationships in a fundamentally new way. It identifies two primal energies that have fuelled the human attraction process since the beginning of time. All men and all women have one of these two energies. Therefore, four distinct genders (or energy types) exist in the world and not just two. "The Four Genders Handbook" explores the astonishing influence of these natural energies and how it affects us all.

The two energies are the "dominant instigator type" and the "submissive facilitator type". Without these quite different and complimentary energies human life would cease to exist. 

(1)    The male submissive facilitator type (short form – ‘submissive man’) - he has natural “talents” of Action and Service.
(2)    The female dominant instigator type (short form – ‘dominant woman’) - she has natural “talents” of Nurture and Decision.

The two energy types of (1) and (2) are very attracted to each other.

(3)    The female submissive facilitator type (short form – ‘submissive woman’) - she has natural “talents” of Nurture and Service.
(4)    The male dominant instigator type (short form – ‘dominant man’) - he has natural “talents” of Action and Decision.

The two energy types of (3) and (4) are very attracted to each other. Both pairings have all four talents working together. This is the essence of human attraction. 

A vital tenet of the whole Four Genders concept is that while each energy type is very different, they are of equal value. In fact, any relationship, any family, any community, any country, will dangerously dysfunction if the Four Genders balance is not maintained. All Four Genders are necessary; all Four Genders must work together to bring the four talents together. 
Knowledge of all Four Genders and their associated “Special Talents” is vital when embarking on a search for a partner. For any relationship to work, each partner must be fully aware of their own energy type; to be "type aware". This is essential to properly fulfil your own relationship responsibilities and strengths as well as that of your partner. It is also a true pathway to fun and adventure with the one you love. The book explains all this clearly and simply.

“The Four Genders Handbook” is in five parts. Part 1 of the book (“Discovery”) presents all the tools required to discover one’s own true energy type. For some this might be quite easy and natural. For others it is more problematic. For instance, many men baulk at the label “submissive”. They mistakenly associate this label with weakness and subservience. This is a dangerous misunderstanding of the terms used in the book. ‘Submissive male’ refers to the amazing men with the unique talent combination of Service and Action. The term ‘submissive’ remains as a formidable reminder that they must listen to the Nurture and especially to the Decision talents of their dominant female partners. When these objections have been satisfied, the “Discovery Section” of the book has done its job.

The following four sections of the book concentrate on each of the Four Genders. They give a detailed profile of the inner, fundamental behaviours of each energy type and their relationship with individuals and groups. There are sections on the perfect attitude for your first date with your “target type”; identifying your parents’ energy types and how that has affected your personal relationships; your children’s energy types and how to better manage them; maintaining a happy marriage and many other “relationship tools” that make dreadful emotional mistakes far less likely.

“The Four Genders Handbook” will help you predict the general tone of all relationships you seek to build. It will enable you to better choose a lifelong partner and how to bring out the best in you and in them. It will make sense of your work related relationships and actually create harmony where conflict once tormented your day.

“The Four Genders Handbook” brings rationality to an over-emotional and very often chaotic, human activity. It gives you the tools to achieve the holy grail of human relationships; a happy marriage.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The first reviews of the book are in

Yes, indeed. Two reviews are now on Amazon UK and US. I'm very pleased. So please I'll repeat them here.

This book is unique and written with great clarity and insight. Although the author admits to lack of higher education, it is not at all evident. This could well have been written by a professional in the field of human behaviour. It has `textbook' qualities and may well become a serious reference book.
Irving Conway

This book has a refreshing new take on relationships. It will require the reader to 'think outside the box' of societal expectations of gender specific roles in society. And also to allow themselves to be willing to experience new ways of relating which I have found to actually work. I found it useful in understanding the challenges in relationships I have or had with work colleagues, family members, friends as well as lovers. The Four Genders Handbook cannot really be compared to any other book I have read on relationships because of its unique stance on relationship dynamics, but I do think that it has the potential to impact relationships in the 21st century as 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus' did in the 1990s.
Antoinette Niles

Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's Out

The time has come. The creation has left its creator. The child has flown. What I mean is - we've put the book on Amazon Kindle - just a few days ago. I can't say I feel good because I don't. Without a number of hearty feedbacks I just don't know if the book has communicated or not. The Four Genders concept is very important and I would hate to think I've made it even more hidden. We'll see.

So, at this moment we've sold two books. That's great. But no feedback yet. Heather's doing a great job in gathering all the promotional tools whilst I sit and smoulder. But not all the time. She gives me things to do. If you read the book you'll know how this dynamic works.

Time to throw myself into the dangerous and exciting world of e-publishing.  Wish me luck.